What drives us is really quite simple

We’re passionate about helping brands grow, by being the best they can possibly be.  And what we’ve learned over the years is that people don’t make decisions about brands based on their separate parts (the ads, the website, the product, the service, the organization’s beliefs, etc). People make decisions about brands based on an intuitive FEELING of how ALL of these aspects of a brand work together as a whole. Therefore, what’s needed is a holistic brand strategy that governs every aspect of a brand, making sure that all a brand’s expressions are working together, and in sync with the way people truly make decisions.

Creating brands that appeal, instinctively

By combining the talents of world class brand builders, with the latest findings in brain science we’ve developed a comprehensive approach which will help brands create an intuitively appealing brand experience – so they attract customers effortlessly, and are able to keep them engaged for a lifetime.

The science of emotion

Gut feelings. To cut quickly to the chase, science has recently confirmed that the subconscious processing that occurs in our EMOTIONAL and FEELING brain drives most of our purchase decisions – 90% of the time! The THINKING brain generally serves to only validate or put into words the rationale behind these gut decisions.

By aiming more of our marketing efforts at human’s emotional gateways, we are able to create desire for your brand by supercharging its “feel good” quotient.

Do this correctly and you’ve got a winning brand.  Do this correctly and your customers will never leave you.

WE ARE SO COMMITTED to our beliefs, that we’ve posted the core tenants of our proprietary, trademarked Brain Friendly Branding® approach on this site for all to see. Because when followed, they will make marketing dollars work harder.  They will draw raving fans to businesses.  The brands that are already following these principles naturally (Zappos, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Southwest Airlines, Apple, Amazon, Starbucks), are the most successful brands in the market today.

Let us help you make your brand one of them.