Brand USA
Check out this recent article in The Atlantic that covers selling America to the world.

Brand USA is America’s attempt to REGAIN its glorious spot in world tourism prior to 9/11.

Its ad campaign “Discover America, Land of Dreams” is making waves in the international scene, promoting Rosanne Cash singing “Land of Dreams” while showing UNEXPECTED imagery of American culture and landscapes.

Behind this America’s first ever global tourism campaign is our own Megan Kent. The team realized that in order to succeed, Brand USA needed to show America as never seen before in order to help foreigners realize they may not know all there is to know about our country. The theme line is “Discover This Land, Like Never Before”.

The mission of Brand USA is to bring more foreign visitors to the States, and in doing so, stimulate the economy and increase job opportunities through increased tourism revenue. Research shows that “intent to travel” to the States has double digit increases in all the markets advertised to date.