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As consumers continue to become less trusting of advertising, companies are having to come up with new strategies that foster a friendlier relationship with their customers. 

I was fortunately able to find this Economist article online – all that Schumpeter says is true. People ARE skeptical about brands today, especially in this day in age when brands rely so heavily on gimmickry to get attention – and no, brands don’t need media the way they used to now that social media can amplify information about brands so easily!

But THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for a brand that has a clear sense of purpose, a strong service-based culture, and a brilliant product.

To me these are the things that truly build and differentiate brands these days – if you get these things right, the brand will sell itself over the long run.

To read the full Economist article, “We want to be your friend”, click here.


Megan Kent founded the Megan Kent Branding Group in 2013. Having held leadership positions at many of the most highly respected advertising agencies in the industry (Chiat/Day, Riney, Fallon, TBWA Chiat/Day, JWT), she’s developed game changing strategic platforms and go-to-market plans for brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Nikon, The New York Times, Sotheby’s, Clinique and Microsoft.

Megan’s greatest passion is creating desire for brands – she’s developed a proprietary branding approach dedicated to doing just that.  Her Primal Code Branding System® is designed to give clients the ultimate competitive advantage by using the latest findings in behavioral and brain science to help companies create the most powerful emotional connection possible with their customers.

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