The new “Inspired by Iceland” campaign leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy about Iceland.

The new “Inspired by Iceland” campaign video takes your most common assumptions about Iceland and transforms them into a warm journey of love that will not only melt your heart, but also any mental icebergs that might have been blocking Iceland from being on your travel list. The video does an amazing job of presenting Iceland’s Belonging Rituals (BRAIN FRIENDLY BRANDING® Pillar #5) and invites you to be a part of the fun.

The film kicks in with two girls in iconic Icelandic sweaters doing a kooky seaside dance to Emilíana Torrini’s “Jungle Drum”, a snappy song that sets the premise: “Hey, I’m in love…” and then we’re off on a vibrant, sensory delight.

Welcoming us with their silly rituals and tempting us with dancing, uplifting beats, and stunning visuals—the video aims to engage us in a tempting journey of adventure in a land that is, for most of us, a mysterious and mythical destination. With a spritely mix of old, new and joyful, from free spirited folk customs to break dancing, to nudity, romance and commitment—this film is fun; it will put a smile on your face as it slowly chips away at any preconceived notions you may have had about icy Iceland.

The video offers an emotionally positive experience. However, like most people, I haven’t actually been to Iceland, and the presentation of the idea that everyone in Iceland dances, does frontflips and the like makes it come off as more of an iPod commercial than a tourism campaign. But maybe this is where we find the video’s biggest success? Authenticity (BRAIN FRIENDLY BRANDING® Pillar #1) is an essential part of a brand, and perhaps the greatest branding successes are those that redefine for us what is truly authentic about their brand?

The question becomes: is this for real? Is Iceland really a land of fun, frolic and sensory stimulation vs. a cold and baron land of ice and isolation? We know one thing for certain after seeing this video – we’re now more curious than ever to find out.



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