forresterI’m excited to announce that due to my interest and extensive study into brain science as it relates to consumer decision making, I was recently invited to contribute, along with other leading experts in the field, to this extensive report by Forrester on How People Choose.

Download the article How People Choose for insights into the theory that:

“Digital disruption enables marketing leaders to be the most scientific they have ever been, while also provoking customers to be less rational in how they choose”.

Covered in more depth:

  • the mistakes that can be made by over-relying on “data” to predict consumer decision making
  • understanding that humans are fundamentally “irrational” in their day to day decision making process
  • why becoming an “anchor” brand is so important (mental shortcuts are key here)
  • why this understanding will ultimately provoke “one-to-moment marketing” – and a decline in advertising spend

So much of this report is very much in sync with my Brain Friendly Branding principles which you can read more about here

Enjoy this well-researched piece. I look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts.

All best,