Now THIS is a fun one!! Virgin reinvents again – with their hugely not boring safety video.

Since it was posted last October, Virgin America’s 2013 Safety Video #VXsafetydance has chalked up over 8 ½ million views.

Virgin drew from their company’s peerless musical heritage for this original concept, and true to their rebellious roots they’re at it again.

Virgin’s exuberant, outta-the-box safety video fits both the company’s authentic origins and its never-ending reinvention along a novel path. A witty, daring irreverence (read: “New Wave” and “Punk”) has been in this company’s DNA since Branson opened his first record shop on Notting Hill Gate.

The video’s large-scale group choreography and delightfully dreamlike representation of the inside of a Virgin jet overturn assumptions about cramped airline space. The expansive interior provides all the leg room a battalion of dancers could ask for. We can just feel what it’s like to stretch out and enjoy and the ride.

The driving beat and catchy tune is skillfully matched with choreography and directed with mischievous style. Virgin took its parodic essence to the air—and true to their roots, they’re not just irreverent about flying and safety rules– they’re irreverent about life. From the start, the message is: no matter who you are, or where you’re seated, with Virgin America nobody gets left out of the fun.

Tic the boxes: authenticity, novelty, signature visual cues (purple halo lighting), catchy song – Virgin excels at what it’s always done best: engaging ALL our senses in the most delightfully unexpected ways.  They’ve done it all this time – we vote Virgin America Safety Dance our BRAIN FRIENDLY BRANDING® Feel Good winner for the week.



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