gowanus whole foods

Whole Foods opens its new Brooklyn store in Gowanus in full embrace of the local community’s hipster culture – and gets every BRAIN FRIENDLY BRANDING® Pillar right.

We’re always impressed by the way Whole Foods seems to consistently stay true to their values – and to us, their new store opening in Gowanus, Brooklyn exhibits Whole Foods’ passion for “serving and supporting the local community” at an exalted level.

From the New York Post this past weekend:

“The brightly lit grocery store plays to every Brooklyn stereotype, with a record shop, a juice bar, in-store-roasted coffee with origin stories on the package the length of a Proust novel and, naturally, a bike-repair station.”

Authenticity is not just a part of this brand.

At Whole Foods, it’s a living and breathing operating principle. Distinct from the Chelsea and Union Square markets, this Whole Foods caters to a hip young crowd that rides bikes, eats organic, makes music (Vinyl LPs available in-store), and enjoys art and adventure. As a result, this Gowanus Whole Foods offers up a multi-service hot spot for shopping, getting your bike fixed, and mingling with the thriving local art community in a rooftop beer hall over chicken lime stew.

Let the belonging rituals begin!

Whole Foods embraces all seven of our BRAIN FRIENDLY BRANDING® Pillars with fervor: an authentically Brooklyn version of the well established mother ship, a visual delight and feast for the senses, enough physical consistency to harken back to the other stores, and rituals that rely on novel, spontaneous interaction with the space to develop and honor the local hipster arts scene.

This is a brand geared to emotionally engage.

An impressive entre into a demanding town, Whole Foods we wish you nothing but continued success in Brooklyn. If your loyalty in nurturing the local Gowanas interests continues, artists, activists and artisans will be singing your praises loudly and the local community will be yours in no time.


Megan Kent founded the Megan Kent Branding Group in 2013. Having held leadership positions at many of the most highly respected advertising agencies in the industry (Chiat/Day, Riney, Fallon, TBWA Chiat/Day, JWT), she’s developed game changing strategic platforms and go-to-market plans for brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Nikon, The New York Times, Sotheby’s, Clinique and Microsoft.

Megan’s greatest passion is creating desire for brands – she’s developed a proprietary branding approach dedicated to doing just that. Her BRAIN FRIENDLY BRANDING® System is designed to give clients the ultimate competitive advantage by using the latest findings in behavioral and brain science to help companies create the most powerful emotional connection possible with their customers.

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